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Roaring Fork Restaurant Group Background

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About Us

Roaring Fork Restaurant Group is a locally owned and operated Qdoba Mexican Eats franchise with a strong presence in WI, IL, and IA. Recently celebrating 25 years in business, the company currently operates 61 QDOBA restaurant locations within our territory.

In September of 2021, Mike Pranke and Ron Stokes partnered to form MR Chicken and bring Dave's Hot Chicken to Wisconsin. (The MR stands for Mike and Ron.) With a commitment to open 17 Dave's Hot Chicken franchises in Wisconsin within six years, the company recently opened its sixth location in under two years, advancing the remarkable growth of Roaring Fork Restaurant Group.

Mission Statement:
We are driven to create a warm, fun, and inviting atmosphere for both our internal and external guests. We are passionate about serving the highest quality food. We smile at each other easily and give warm greetings. We are a team of high performers that are driven to get phenomenal results while operating with the highest degree of integrity. We are committed to helping our team develop as we celebrate growth in our people and our company.

Roaring Fork Restaurant Group Philosophy:

  • We don’t lie, cheat or steal
    • These are 100% deal stoppers
  • Never walk by a mistake
  • Ownership mentality
    • Approach your work and area as if you own it
  • Live life on a want to, choose to, like to, love to basis
    • Be intentional; don’t use the words “I have to…”
  • Goal orientation
    • We move towards what we want, what we think about
  • Personal accountability
    • Never place the blame on someone else
  • Service orientation
    • Service to each other, to our guests. We win when a customer feels good!
  • Don’t be right, make it right
  • Principles always trump guidelines and policy
  • Front end effort
    • Jump right in
  • Don’t live in a negative mindset
    • If you don’t like something, you are in control to make a change
  • People orientation
    • Respect others, give and get relationships
  • Results orientation
    • Ask yourself daily, are you making an impact in the areas that the company measures?
  • Hands on orientation
    • Always be ready to help out
  • One year commitment
    • We believe that when you make a commitment you should stick with it.

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